Palestra “SOCIAL & EMOTIONAL LEARNING – children/students/teachers”

31 Outubro 2023

Sala de Atos

Ispa – Instituto Universitário

Inserida no Ciclo de de Conferências do Ispa, a palestra de Maja Ljubetić e Toni MaglicaSOCIAL & EMOTIONAL LEARNING – children/students/teachers debruça-se sobre os benefícios da aprendizagem socioemocional para as crianças/alunos e professores.

Extensive and recent scientific literature of the last decade intensively studies the benefits of social-emotional learning (SEL) for children/students and teachers, as well as the educational system and society as a whole. The direct benefits are related not only to the increased academic success of children/students, but also to their personal development, self-confidence, relationship-building skills, teamwork and active citizenship, and the reduction of destructive and self-destructive behaviors. At the same time, the positive effects of SEL are also noticeable among educators/teachers because they reduce the feeling of professional burnout. Although educational policy and legal regulations in the Republic of Croatia enable and encourage the implementation of SEL programs with the aim of acquiring and strengthening socio-emotional competences (SEC) of students, it still seems that SEL programs are insufficiently represented in the educational process. Sporadic interventions from the field of SEL in the teaching process are considered insufficient for its improvement, as well as the desired outcomes for children/students. The solution can be seen in the enrichment of the education curriculum of educators/teachers/professional associates that would enable them to acquire SEC during their formal education and sensitize them to the application of SEL in future pedagogical practice.
In the lecture, the SEC dimensions of teachers and students will be emphasized. The need to create a context that enables SEL and the acquisition of SEC will be emphasized too.


Maja Ljubetić, full professor
University of Split
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
Department of pedagogy

Maja Ljubetić is full Professor in tenure from 2022. From April 2017, she became Chair of the Board of Trustees for Advancement in Scientific Professions and at present, she is likewise head of the Centre for students counselling at the Faculty of Humanities and Social sciences. Maja is also co-author and Head of Interdisciplinary Specialist Study Probation Treatment. Her work includes being a Professor at the doctoral study of the Faculty of Natural Science, Mathematics and Education in Mostar (Bosnia & Herzegovina); visiting professor at the Faculty of Teacher Education in Rijeka (Croatia), and Visiting professor at the Faculty of Philosophy in Zadar (Croatia). She is an author or co-author of several scientific monographs and handbooks and more than hundred scientific and professional papers. Her field of scientific interest and research is Family pedagogy, Preschool pedagogy, Partnership between family and institutions and Civic education.

Toni Maglica, assistant professor
University of Split
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
Department for Early and Preschool Education and Care

Toni Maglica is an assistant professor at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Split, where he teaches at the Department of Early and Preschool Education, the Department of Pedagogy, and the Teacher Education Department. His courses cover family studies, behavioural problem issues, the prevention and promotion of mental health. He has spent the majority of his professional career working with children and adolescents who manifests behavioural problems and their families, as well as with children who have experienced severe trauma. In these areas, he conducts numerous professional and scientific projects, provides education, and publishes professional and scientific papers. Given the increasing focus on early childhood and their families, his professional and scientific work is increasingly oriented toward socio-emotional learning, building resilience, and positive development.

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