Palestra “Playback Theatre serving different contexts – some Scandinavian experiences”

09 Outubro 2023

Sala de Atos

Ispa – Instituto Universitário

Tratar de temas como a inclusão e a diversidade através do Teatro Playback. Numa altura em que a Constituição da Noruega se prepara para celebrar 200 anos, Synne and Jan Platander, do Skandinavisk Playbackteater Studio, ligam histórias reais de imigrantes, da atualidade, a acontecimentos históricos e ao tema da democracia.


Playback theatre can be a powerful tool for inclusion and community building. In the local community of Eidsvoll, the cradle of the Norwegian democracy, Synne and Jan Platander lead a two-year-long playback theatre project funded and supported by the local government. The project invited people from different cultural backgrounds, newly arrived immigrants as well as Norwegians born and raised in Norway, to learn playback theatre and perform together for the local community. The project culminated in a major performance that was performed at the 200-year anniversary of the Norwegian Constitution. The participants’ own personal stories of inclusion, belonging, empowerment, and human rights, were echoed by stories from historical events, reminding us that democracy is something we cannot take for granted. Synne will talk about the project, sharing pictures, stories, and learnings from the process. 

Playback theatre in organizational settings

Playback Theatre can even be a useful tool for reflection and learning in organizational settings, supporting an atmosphere of openness, trust, and shared vision.

In Stockholm, Sweden, Teater X has more than 20 years of experience working with Playback Theatre in organizations; at conferences, seminars, with workgroups, and in leadership development programs. Playback performers are trained to listen to personal stories and act them out on the spot. In an organizational context, people meet in their professional roles, and the process needs to be facilitated accordingly. Jan will share some perspectives and important learnings from more than 20 years of working with playback theatre in organizations. Some keywords are heightened context awareness, relevance, and system thinking. 


Synne and Jan Platander

Synne and Jan Platander are both Accredited Playback Theatre Trainers and have been working together with playback theatre since they met in 1995. They founded Teater X in Stockholm (Sweden) in 1999, and are currently running Skandinavisk Playbackteater Studio (an Affiliated Playback Theatre School). Synne was part of the first Playback Leadership graduation class in New York in 1993. Jan graduated in 2008. They have been teaching and performing mostly in Norway and Sweden, but also in the other Nordic countries, as well as the Baltic countries. 

Synne is a Norwegian drama teacher with a Master’s degree (MA) in Drama and Theatre from the University of Trondheim. She has been working in the field of adult education for many years and is currently teaching Norwegian to immigrants in Norway. She is passionate about inclusion, diversity, and playback theatre’s potential for dialogue and community building. 

Jan is a Swedish teacher, psychodramatist organizational consultant, and trainer of Action Methods. He uses action methods to facilitate reflection, learning, and change for individuals, groups, and organizations. He is also a passionate playback musician and ‘soundscaper’. 

Together they have a long experience combining playback theatre, action methods, and other creative tools to engage people and organizations in creative reflection and collective learning. They have also led a two-year-long playback project with immigrants in Norway, where they currently live, focusing on stories of democracy, identity, and belonging. Whether teaching, performing, or facilitating, Jan and Synne create a playful, safe, and rich space where creativity can flourish and people connect in a relaxed, but focused way.

Esta palestra surge no âmbito do projeto Dar Palco à Diferença – Incubadora de Companhias de Teatro Playback, da APPsyCI, que tem por objetivo apoiar e defender os Direitos Humanos através do Teatro Playback.

No Teatro Playback o protagonismo é dado às pessoas do público e às suas narrativas. A partir destas, são improvisadas cenas teatrais e musicais, que se entrelaçam para criar um momento de comunidade e partilha.

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