Palestra “Enhancing the Impact of Academic Research: Knowledge Translation and Research-Informed Action on Global Challenges”

13 Outubro 2023

Sala 140 – com Zoom

Ispa – Instituto Universitário

Qual é o impacto da investigação académica na população? Como a investigações científica pode ajudar a minorar os problemas sociais. A Professora e Investigadora Michelle Stack, da University of British Columbia, do Canadá, reflete sobre estes assuntos esta sexta-feira (13 de outubro), no Ispa.

Pode assistir à palestra online aqui.

Enhancing the Impact of Academic Research: Knowledge Translation and Research-Informed Action on Global Challenges

The role of academia as a defense against misinformation and a catalyst for research-informed practice, public debate and policy is crucial; however, at least in the Canadian context, there is often a chasm in connecting research-informed approaches to grappling with pressing global challenges, including homelessness, structural oppression, and climate collapse.

The initial segment of this talk will focus on the challenges that universities face in being research-based in the context of media-generated rankings and individualism, which impact the ability of scholars to concentrate on spurring research-informed approaches to critical social change.

In the second segment of the talk, knowledge translation is defined. Mitigating global challenges – homelessness, structural oppression, authoritarianism, and climate collapse – is not merely about raising awareness. Knowledge is available to policymakers and opinion leaders, underscoring the challenge of translating research to developing the collective capability and determination to initiate action across diverse backgrounds and sectors.

The concluding section will spotlight tangible examples of academics, community-based researchers, and others collaborating to advance equity.

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