Conferência | Research and Practice of Psychotherapeutic Playback Theatre

02 Fevereiro 2024

Sala de Atos

Ispa – Instituto Universitário

Ciclo de Conferências – Ciência, Arte e Transformações apresenta a conferência Research and Practice of Psychotherapeutic Playback Theatre“ com Shoshi Keisari e António Gonzalez, com moderação de Margarida Pedroso de Lima. O evento tem início às 14h30, na Sala de Atos do Ispa.

Meaning Reconstruction 70 Years Later: Life review Playback Theatre for older adults

Playback Theatre offers a safe and creative environment for older adults to openly share their life stories and engage in dramatic creative processes. The utilization of Playback Theatre with older adults has been identified as an enjoyable intervention, facilitating the integration of participants’ life narratives and fostering a heightened sense of social connectedness. These transformative elements have also been associated with positive advancements in mental health indicators. This presentation aims to introduce an integrative model for psychotherapeutic Playback Theatre designed specifically for older adults. This innovative approach combines the practice of life review with the expressive techniques inherent in Playback Theatre. The lecture will be enriched with practical case studies and the latest findings from recent research endeavors.

Shoshi Keisari, teacher and researcher at the School of Creative Arts Therapies, is one of the creators and leading researchers in the area of Psychotherapeutic Playback Theatre (PPT). She has been conducting therapeutic groups based in this methodology for the last decade, with a special interest in the work with elders. She is one of the authors of the up to now only book in PPT, and she has been publishing some of the most important papers in the area.

Psychotherapeutic Playback Theatre, an overview of an impact study project

In this presentation, the project “Therapeutic Playback Theatre: impact study”, an Exploratory Project funded by Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (2022.07713.PTDC), will be presented. This research project was built with the aim of assessing the therapeutic impacts of Psychotherapeutic Playback Theatre (PPT), a new form of group psychotherapy, inspired by Playback Theatre, dramatherapy and psychodrama. The context of the creation of PPT, its main principles and goals, and the first research on its impacts will be discussed.

António Gonzalez is a Psychodramatist, researcher at Appsy-CI in the area of Creative Arts Therapies, and founder of Projecto Eco, a Playback Theatre group.

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