Conferência “Ketamine assisted therapy – a paradigm shift in mental health” de Celia Morgan

12 Julho 2023

Sala de Atos

Ispa – Instituto Universitário

O Ispa – Instituto Universitário recebe a palestra Ketamine assisted therapy – a paradigm shift in mental health (Terapia Assistida por Ketamina, uma mudança de paradigma na saúde mental) de Celia Morgan. Professora da Universidade de Exeter, Celia Morgan é autora de inúmeras publicações sobre os potenciais usos terapêuticos da ketamina na saúde mental.

A conferência tem transmissão online. Assista aqui.

Ketamine assisted therapy – a paradigm shift in mental health

In recent years, mental health problems have emerged as a pressing global concern affecting millions worldwide, with Europe experiencing its fair share of this epidemic. Prof. Celia Morgan, an expert in the field of ketamine-assisted therapy and a leading investigator at Exeter College, will present “Ketamine Assisted Therapy – A Paradigm Shift in Mental Health.” In this presentation, we will explore the staggering numbers of mental health issues, the transformative potential of psychedelics, and the scientific evidence supporting ketamine’s role in mental health treatment.

The Mental Health Crisis in Europe and Beyond:

We begin by shedding light on the alarming prevalence of mental health disorders in Europe and across the globe. With stressors like economic uncertainty, social isolation, and technological advancements taking a toll on mental well-being, it is crucial to address the scale of the problem we face. We will present statistics and case studies that highlight the devastating impact of mental health challenges on individuals, families, and society at large.

The Disruption and Innovation of Psychedelics:

Traditional mental health treatments have seen limited success rates, prompting a need for revolutionary therapeutic approaches. Psychedelics, once stigmatized, are now experiencing a resurgence in interest due to their potential to disrupt conventional mental health interventions. I will provide an overview of the historical context of psychedelics, emphasizing how they fell out of favor and subsequently reemerged as potential game-changers in mental health care.

The Promise of Ketamine Assisted Therapy:

Ketamine, in particular, has garnered significant attention for its rapid and transformative effects on various mental health conditions. Through ongoing research, it has shown promise in treating depression, anxiety, PTSD, and other psychiatric disorders, even in cases that have been resistant to conventional treatments. We will delve into the neurobiological mechanisms underlying ketamine’s action and explore how it differs from traditional antidepressant medications.

Scientific Evidence and Clinical Trials:

The resurgence of psychedelic research has paved the way for rigorous scientific investigations into the efficacy and safety of ketamine-assisted therapy. As an investigator at Exeter College, I will present the latest findings from clinical trials that demonstrate the positive outcomes of ketamine-assisted therapy. We will discuss how this therapeutic approach has shown potential to induce transformative and long-lasting changes in patients’ mental well-being.

Ethical Considerations and Future Directions:

As with any novel therapeutic approach, we must address the ethical implications and potential risks associated with ketamine-assisted therapy. We will discuss ongoing efforts to optimize treatment protocols, minimize potential adverse effects, and ensure responsible use of this groundbreaking intervention.

In conclusion, “Ketamine Assisted Therapy – A Paradigm Shift in Mental Health” aims to illuminate the urgent need for innovative treatments in the face of the escalating global mental health crisis. By examining the disruptive potential of psychedelics, focusing on ketamine’s promise, and presenting the scientific evidence supporting this approach, we hope to inspire greater awareness, acceptance, and support for these transformative therapies.

Profª. Celia Morgan; Diretora do departamento de Psicoterapia Assistida por Ketamina aplicada às adições

Celia Morgan é professora de Psicofarmacologia na Universidade de Exeter, Reino Unido, desde 2015.

Fez a licenciatura e o doutoramento na University College de Londres e completou uma bolsa de estudos na Universidade de Yale, EUA. Ensinou na Universidade de Melbourne e na University College antes de ingressar definitivamente na Universidade de Exeter como professora principal, o que aconteceu em 2013. Detém ainda um título honorário na University College de Londres.

É a principal responsável de investigação dos programas Exeter Translational Addiction Partnership (ETAP) e Ketamine for Reduction of Alcoholic Relapse (KARE).

Em 2022, Celia Morgan foi considerada pela Insider uma das 16 mulheres mais influentes na indústria da medicina psicadélica em todo o mundo, pouco depois de ter publicado no American Journal of Psychiatry os resultados do ensaio clínico de Fase II que conduziu sobre a eficácia da Psicoterapia Assistida por Ketamina no tratamento do alcoolismo. Os resultados do ensaio indicaram um crescimento da taxa de abstinência de 2% no início do tratamento para 86% nos seis meses após o tratamento.

Para poder conduzir o seu reputado trabalho de investigação, Celia Morgan já obteve por parte do Governo britânico e outras entidades mais de 8 milhões de libras de investimento.

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