Conferência | Bridging Minds: Cognitive Psychologists’ Journey into UX Research

22 Abril 2024

Sala de Atos

Ispa – Instituto Universitário

No dia 22 de abril, às 17h30, na Sala de Atos do Ispa, ocorre a conferência “Bridging Minds: Cognitive Psychologists’ Journey into UX Research”, integrada no Ciclo “Novas Profissões em Ciências Cognitivas e do Comportamento”. Rita R. Silva, experiente UX researcher na Springer Nature, explora a transição de psicólogos cognitivos para o UX Research, destacando como a sua compreensão do comportamento humano potencializa o desenvolvimento de experiências digitais inovadoras.

Pode assistir a esta conferência online aqui.

This conference talk explores the transition of cognitive psychologists into UX research roles within companies. Leveraging their expertise in human behavior and cognition, psychologists possess a strong foundation for addressing UX challenges. Advantages include their analytical skills in deciphering user needs and proposing solutions grounded in cognitive science principles. However, challenges arise in adapting theoretical knowledge to practical applications, navigating corporate structures, and effectively communicating insights to diverse teams. Acquiring new tools and methodologies specific to UX research is essential, along with embracing iterative design processes and user-centered approaches. The talk aims to offer actionable insights for psychologists entering UX roles, emphasizing strategies to capitalize on strengths while navigating industry obstacles. By bridging academia with corporate practice, the talk seeks to enhance understanding of how cognitive psychology can drive innovation and improve user experiences in the digital landscape.

Rita R. Silva works as a UX researcher at Springer Nature, one of the largest scientific publisher groups. Before moving to this industry, she was an academic researcher in the field of social cognitive psychology and investigated how basic cognitive processes shape the way people judge information. She published several scientific papers on this topic and was awarded several grants to conduct her research.

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