Ciclo de Conferências | Tina Malti – “Becoming Kind: Nurturing Every Child’s Social-Emotional Potential”

22 Setembro 2022

Auditório 1 (Ispa)

No âmbito do Ciclo de Conferências, Tina Malti (University of Toronto) vai dar uma palestra com o título “Becoming Kind: Nurturing Every Child’s Social-Emotional Potential”.

Entrada livre


Why do some children harm others while other children show concern for others from an early age? My talk will provide new insights into research on the development of children’s kind orientations beyond empathy. I explain the fundamentals of how children become caring and why kindness matters in practice. Early childhood is a time of transformation and growth, which makes it crucial to promote caring and commitment during this time period, as well as to reduce aggression, victimization, and exclusion. Drawing upon diverse samples, I will describe research findings on how dimensions of kindness develop across the early years, and how they are linked to prosocial orientations. Lastly, I will elaborate on the implications of these lines of work for intervention practices.

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