Ciclo de Conferências | Loraine Gelsthorpe – “What works with women in conflict with the law?”

27 Outubro 2022

Auditório 1 (Ispa)

No âmbito do Ciclo de Conferências, Loraine Gelsthorpe (University of Cambridge) vai dar uma palestra com o título “What works with women in conflictwith the law?“.

Host: Andreia de Castro Rodrigues

Entrada livre


There is very clear over-representation of women in prison in relation to the nature of their offences (mostly property-related, theft and handling stolen goods). This is seemingly a global problem. Needless to say, the over-use of imprisonment has a deleterious impact on women and their families. If the aim is to facilitate pathways out of crime, as a key element of ‘what works’, then keeping women out of prison is arguably central to the task. This means looking beyond programmes and interventions, as well as the findings from studies of such programmes and interventions. This talk will therefore focus on gender-responsive sentencing possibilities which avoid custodial sentences for women wherever possible, and at what we know about ‘what works’ for women by way of programmes in custody and in the community.

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