Ciclo de Conferências | Jan Theeuwes – “What to expect when you are not expecting it: how implicit regularities drive attentional”

28 Outubro 2021

Auditório 1

No âmbito do Ciclo de conferências ISPA – 2021/2022, Jan Theeuwes (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam; Institute Brain and Behavior Amsterdam (iBBA)/WJCR, Ispa – Instituto Universitário), dará uma palestra com o título “What to expect when you are not expecting it: how implicit regularities drive attentional“.

Host: Gün Semin

Entrada livre

Resumo da conferência

Extracting statistical regularities from the environment is one of the most fundamental abilities of any living organism. This type of learning is largely unconscious, unintentional, and implicit that runs “in the background”, both seeking and giving structure to the world around us, making it coherent, predictable and quickly manageable. Even though a lot is known about how statistical learning affects language acquisition, object recognition, motor learning, and decision making, only recently it became apparent that it plays a key role in attentional selection. In this talk I will present an overview of recent studies investigating how statistical learning regarding the target and the distractor determines attentional control. It is argued that selection history modulates the topographical landscape of spatial ‘priority’ maps, such that attention is biased towards locations having a high activation and biased away from locations that are suppressed.


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