Lígia Monteiro
Post-Doctoral Fellow

E-mail: ligia_monteiro@ispa.pt
Phone: 218811765

Lígia Monteiro

Research Interests:

My research interests are the study of children’s socio-emotional development in infancy through the pre-school years:
  1. The study of the family attachment network, as well as other figures outside the family that can be attachment figures, e.g. the professionals’ caregivers;
  2. The impact of attachment relationships on children’s interactions with peers, in particular the quality of dyadic relationships (friendships), as well as the phenomenon of social withdrawal;
  3. Paternal involvement, antecedents and consequences for children’s socio-emotional development;
  4. Social Withdrawal during the pre-school years.

Ongoing Projects:

Social withdrawal during the pre-school years: antecedents and consequences for children's socio-emotional development - Post-doctoral (SFRH/BPD/65804/2009)

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