Joana Maia
Former PhD Student (Bolsa FCT-SFRH/BD/35769/2007)

Phone: 218811765

Joana Maia

Research Interests:

My thesis focuses on the study of attachment relations and parents-child communication during the pre-school years. Taking in consideration the bridge, recently build, between the attachment theory and other studies regarding language development and autobiographic memory, the main goal of this research is to analyse the connections between attachment expressed behaviour (evaluated at age 3, trough observational measures), it’s representational level both in the parents and in the child (assessed trough the production of attachment related narratives) and father/mother-child communication styles. The quality, elaboration and coherence of these communication styles will be measured at the age of 5 using a memory-talk procedure concerning not only a parents-child situation, but also a child-peer scenario. With this research we hope to contribute to the present discussion about the mechanisms underlying the intergenerational transmission of the attachment patterns and it's relation with the social-emotional development.

Ongoing Projects:

Vinculação, transferência narrativa pais-filhos e desenvolvimento da linguagem no período pré-escolar. (SFRH/BD/35769/2007).

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