Inês Peceguina
Former PhD student (Bolsa FCT-SFRH/BD/23350/2005)

Phone: 218811765

Inês Peceguina

Research Interests:

The main goal of my research is to study social competence, during preschool years (ages 3 to 5), as a hierarchical organized construct, allowing the estimation of situational and temporal stability of social competence, as a quality of individuals, instead of a relational variable as dominance or popularity.Despite the general agreement that social competence is a unquestionably imperative quality (and/or achievement) of preschool children, underlying later interpersonal adjustment and school readiness, social competence construct has been analysed at different levels of abstraction, ranging from very specific behaviours and strategies, displayed in certain social settings, to broad conceptual descriptions that do not mention any concrete behavioural tactic or social context.Following a developmental framework and seeking for a universal description of social competence, assessments were made in order to include broadband measures, namely, direct observation of children’s behaviour and sociometric interviews. Expanding previous recent findings, we aim to better specify and understand (1) how this hierarchical model fits our Portuguese children data; (2) the (in)stability of both measure and structural model domains and; (3) how friendship relates to social competence.

Ongoing Projects:

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