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Programa de Doutoramento-FCT em Psicologia Social (em parceria com ISCTE)

Programa de Doutoramento-FCT em Psicologia Social (em parceria com ISCTE)
Programa de Doutoramento-FCT em Psicologia Social

Apresentação do Curso

The Lisbon PhD in Social Psychology (LiSP) is an FCT-funded doctoral program that brings together the three existing Doctoral programs in Social psychology in Lisbon (from ISPA and ISCTE-IUL and University of Lisbon).

Doing a PhD within LiSP

LiSP will function as a federation of three existing doctoral programmes. Thus, even though a student who is part of LiSP may benefit from the infrastructures and scientific events of all institutions, he/she must be officially part of one of the three existing PhD programs (ULisboa, ISPA or ISCTE). That choice determines the institution that awards the degree and to whom the fees are paid.

Student profiles

LiSP wishes to attract individuals who are willing to conduct research in the field of social psychology. Successful applicants will be those who show the highest potential as graduate students and who will most likely contribute to the development of knowledge in social psychology, either academically or professionally. Most of the potential candidates will be found among those who have a national or international, master degree in Psychology. However, applicants with a background in related fields such as economy, sociology etc., aiming to complete their scientific skills with knowledge derived from the social psychological theories and methods will also be considered.


First: Choose your advisor (read the Faculty and Researcher CV)
Second: Contact by email the possible advisor in order to develop a project
Third: Check the dates for application to the program and go to the university of your advisor in order to enroll in the program.
Four: Wait. You will be contact about your application in October.


To apply check the information at ISPA Doctoral Programme in Psychology. click here »


For more information about specificities of the LISP program click here »

Aim of a PhD in Social Psychology

1) Social Psychology is a scientific area providing consistent scientific responses in forefront areas of the study of individual and collective behavior


2) It provides you with the opportunity to specialize in a scientific area that has inspired and continues to inspire other areas such as economy, political science and marketing and is now changing our views about health and education, influencing related policies


3) Social Psychology addresses the most pressing issues of modern changing societies: conflicts in diverse societies and within the new international dynamics, how people accept and conform to the existence of social inequalities, socially critical decision making in asymmetrical contexts.